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JNLP stands for Java Network Launching protocol, an format for XML files which describe how to launch Java Web Start applications.

This project focuses on programmatic manipulation of JNLP files. With Juneloop you can:

  • Parse a JNLP file or resource into a JNLP object structure (unmarshalling).
  • Create or modify a JNLP object structure programmatically.
  • Serialize a JNLP object structure into a JNLP file or resource (marshalling).

Juneloop is built with JAXB 2, it compiles JNLP 1.5 and JNLP 6.0 DTDs.


Future versions will introduce version-independent interfaces to ensure cross-version portability of client code.

Adding Juneloop dependencies

Juneloop is built with Maven and distributed via the central Maven repository.

If you're using Maven you'll only need to add the org.hisrc.juneloop:juneloop-core dependency:

If you're not using Maven, here's a list of JARs (and where to get them):

Using Juneloop

Here's a very simple unit test which demonstrates how to work with Juneloop:

Developing Juneloop

Juneloop is hosted and developen on

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