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This page is intended for Highsource developers and contributor. It documents the development environment you need to work with Highsource projects.


  • If you want to contribute to Confluence, let me know, I'll create an account for you.


  • Install JDK 1.6.x and JDK 1.5.x.
  • Create JAVA5_HOME, JAVA6_HOME and JAVA_HOME (points to JDK 1.6.x by default) environment variables.

Build and command-line tools


Maven is the primary build tools.

  • Install Maven 3.x.
  • Create MAVEN_HOME environment variable.
  • Create MAVEN_OPTS=-Xmx1024M environment variable to give Maven more memory.
  • Add MAVEN_HOME/bin to your PATH.
  • Make sure mvn runs from the command line.
  • Optionally reconfigure MAVEN_HOME/conf/settings.xml/settings/localRepository.


Ant is the secondary build tool. It is only used to check project distributions for Ant. Therefore it's optional.

  • Install Ant.
  • Create ANT_HOME environment variable.
  • Add ANT_HOME/bin to your PATH.
  • Check that ant runs from the command line.
  • Add JUnit to ANT_HOME/lib. Here's why.


Optional, but highly recommended.

  • Install Subversion.
  • Create SVN_HOME environment variable.
  • Add SVN_HOME to your PATH.
  • Create SVN_EDITOR environment variable to point to the editor of your choice (ex. notepad on Windows).
  • Check that svn runs from the command line.


Optional, only needed for old projects.

  • Install CVS.
  • Create CVS_HOME environment variable.
  • Add CVS_HOME to your PATH.
  • Check that cvs runs from the command line.


Optional, only required for releases

  • Install GnuPG.
  • Create GPG_HOME environment variable.
  • Add GPG_HOME to your PATH.
  • Check that gpg runs from the command line.
  • Create and export a public key. See this guide.


Optional, recommmended for Windows.

  • Install Cygwin.
  • Create CYGWIN_HOME environment variable.
  • Add CYGWIN_HOME\bin to your PATH.
  • Check that Cygwin utilities run from the command line (ex. ls -la ).


Primary IDE is Eclipse.


My current version is:

Eclipse IDE for Java Developers
Version: Helios Release
Build id: 20100617-1415


Do not install WTP.

Eclipse Plugins


Subversive is used for SVN support in Eclipse. Required.

  • Install Subversive.
  • Use SVNKit SVN connector (Window > Preferences > Team > SVN > SVN Connector).


M2Eclipse provides Maven integration for Eclipse. Required.

  • Install M2Eclipse.
  • Point it to your Maven installation (Window > Preferences > Maven > Installations).

JavaScript Development Tools

JSDT provides JavaScript authoring support for Eclipse. Required for JavaScript projects.

  • Install JSDT Core.

Further tools

Far Manager

Far Manager is a great file manager which is extremely useful for command-line work on Windows.


yEd is an excellent graph editor.


FreeMind is a very good mind mapping software.

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