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Hyperjaxb3 in the central Maven repository

Since version 0.5.6 Hyperjaxb3 is distributed via the central Maven repository.

Hyperjaxb3 artifacts can be found here:

Samples, templates, tutorials and tests are deployed to the Maven repository:


For a quick start with Hyperjaxb3 check our project templates.

Maven usage for versions prior to 0.5.6


This configurations are obsolete for versions 0.5.6 and higher. You do not need to configure any special repositories.

The information below is left for reference purposes only.

In order to use Hyperjaxb3 in your Maven project, add the following repositories to your pom.xml:

If you're using Hibernate, you may also want to add the JBoss Maven2 repository:

You can directly access the repositories under the following URLs:

Hyperjaxb3 artifacts can be found here:

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